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HH_Cover_Composite_3.png Harlem Hieroglyphs  JHVM 007  2016

Jay Hoggard vibraphone GARY BARTZ  soprano, alto saxophones  JAMES WEIDMAN piano, organ  NAT ADDERLEY JR piano,organ BELDEN BULLOCK bass  YORON ISRAEL drums  



Christmas Vibes All Thru The Year  JHVM 0006

Jay Hoggard vibraphone  JAMES WEIDMAN piano, organ  Bruce Cox drums


 Solo_From_Two_Sides.pngSolo from Two Sides  JHVM 0003 Recorded January 10-12, 2008, January 5-6, 2006, January 3-4, 2005; released July 2009                                                                                                  

Jay Hoggard (vibraphone, marimba)

A program of 10 Hoggard compositions performed by the composer on both vibraphone and marimba by way of digital overdubbing. 


 SoularPowerCover_resized.jpgSoular Power  JHVM 0005 Recorded March 1-2, 2008; released September 2008   

Jay Hoggard (vibraphone), James Weidman (piano, organ), Belden Bullock (bass), Yoron Israel (drums)


SwingEmGatesCover_resized.jpgSwing ‘em Gates: A Tribute to Lionel Hampton, JHVM 0004. January 2007  

Jay Hoggard (vibraphone), James Weidman (piano), Leon Lee Dorsey (bass), Winard Harper (drums), Willie Martinez (conga), guest artist Dr. Billy Taylor (piano)



Songs of Spiritual Love  JHVM 0002

January 2005                             

Jay Hoggard(vibraphone), James Weidman (organ, piano)                                               

Duo performances with the theme of God’s love in action



The Right Place  JHVM0001 January 2003

Jay Hoggard (vibraphone), Hilton Ruiz (piano on #3,4,5,6) Dwight Andrews (soprano saxophone, flute, bass, clarinet), James Weidman (organ, piano on #1,2,7,9,10), Belden Bullock (bass), Pheeroan Aklaff (drums), Kwaku Kwaakye Obeng (donno, congas), Asher DeLarme (timbales, bata, guiro)



Something 'Bout Believing  Twinz Records CD89

Recorded March 1999

Jay Hoggard (Vibraphone) James Weidman (Piano, Organ) Belden Bullock (bass) Pheeroan Aklaff (Drums)    Swinging interpretations of Duke Ellington's sacred music.



Love is the Answer  Muse MCD 5527 1994

Jay Hoggard (vibraphone), Belden Bullock (bass),  James Weidman (piano), Pheeroan Aklaff (drums), Lyndon Achee (percussion), RejoicEnsemble featuring Debra Byrd on vocals. An original five part suite, The Wisdom of the Baobab Tree, was commissioned by "Lincoln Center Out of Doors" as a music-dance collaboration between composer Hoggard and famed choreographer Cleo Parker Robinson.



In The Spirit  Muse MCD 547

May 1992

Jay Hoggard (vibraphone), Mark Helias (bass), James Newton (flute), Dwight Andrews (bass clarinet, flute, soprano saxophone), Edward Blackwell (drums)



The Fountain   Muse MCD 5450   June 1991 

Jay Hoggard (vibraphone), Marcus McLaurine (bass), Kenny Burrell (guitar), James Weidman (piano), Yoron Israel (drums)



The Little Tiger  Muse MCD 5410  June 1990

Jay Hoggard (vibraphone), Benny Green (piano) , Marcus McLaurine (bass), Yoron Israel (drums). “Sonny's Themes” from this recording has been the outro theme for Pacifica Radio Network News for several years.



Overview Muse MCD 5383  June 1989

Jay Hoggard (vibraphone), Rick Rozie (bass), Geri Allen (piano), Fredrick Waits (drums)



A Night in Greenwich Village  Muse MCD 5556

September 1987

Jay Hoggard (vibraphone), Anthony Cox (bass), Geri Allen (piano), Marvin "Smitty" Smith (drums)



Riverside Dance  India Navigation IN 1068

April 1985

Jay Hoggard (vibraphone), Jerome Harris (bass), Vernon Reid (guitar), Onaje Allan Gumbs (keyboards), Pheeroan Aklaff (drums). Recorded after an extensive tour of North Africa, the Middle East, and India, sponsored by the U.S. Government.



Love Survives  Gramavision GR 8204  May 1983

Jay Hoggard (vibraphone) Trevor Gale, Buddy Williams, Pheeroan Aklaff (drums) Francisco Centeno, Luico Hopper (bass), Onaje Allan Gumbs, Ray Chew, Jeff Lorber (keyboards),Ronnie Drayton, Doc Powell, Jerome Harris (guitar),John Purcell (saxophone)  Asher DeLerme, Ray Newton,Carol Steele (percussion),Nat Adderley,Jr,Tawatha Agee, Brenda White, Ebony Ecumenical Ensemble (voices)   

 This is a great album by vibraphonist Jay Hoggard, released in 1983 on Gramavision Records. The album is another slice of jazz-funk not to be missed.      


Mystic Winds, Tropic Breezes  India Navigation IN 1049 May 1981

Jay Hoggard (vibraphone), Cecil McBee (bass), Anthony Davis (piano), Dwight Andrews (bass clarinet), Billy Hart (drums), Don Moye (percussion)



Rain Forest  Contemporary CR 14007   November 1980

Jay Hoggard (vibraphone), Francisco Centeno (bass), Kenny Kirkland (piano), Chico Freeman (saxophones), Harvey Mason (drums), Paulino DaCosta (percussion), Jose Goico (percussion)



Under the Double Moon  MPS 68.267  August 1980

Jay Hoggard (vibraphone), Anthony Davis (piano)



Days Like These  GRP GRP 5004  April 1979

Jay Hoggard (Vibraphone) Francisco Centeno, Marcus Miller (Bass) Dave Grusin (Piano)

Chico Freeman (Saxophone) Buddy Williams (Drums) Nana Vasconcelos, Sammy Figueroa (Percussion) 

Produced by Dave Grusin and Larry Rosen



Solo Vibraphone  India Navigation IN 1040  November 18, 1978.                                          

Recorded live for broadcast by National Public Radio at Joseph Papp's Public Theater. New York, 

Jay Hoggard (vibraphone)





Jay Hoggard Discography: As Collaborator


Sankofa Kuumba Dance Consortium, Score for dance theater w/ ongoing usage recorded Mar/Apr/May 2010

Jeff Hackworth Organ Quartet, recorded Feb. 10

The Deadliest Disease in America20, documentary film score Jan-Mar,08 released July 08

Dwight Andrews w/ Atlanta Jazz Chorus, Nov. 2006

Segments, Joe Parillo Quartet Aug. 8,9 2005

The Standards Session, Stephen Zinnato     May 2005

River Musics /Duo, Anthony Braxton  Oct. 2004

Steppin with TP, Hilton Ruiz  Mar. 2004

Afrijazz, Kwakuu Kwakyee Obeng Oct. 2003

Giacomo Gates, Giacomo Gates, July 2003

Basic Traneing, Yoron Israel, May 2003

Hole In One, Movie soundtrack, Mar. 2003

African Americans in CT, CPTV soundtrack with Neely Bruce, Apr. 2000

Philly Jazz Sound, M&IRecords (Japan) Oct. 2001

Talking Stick, Oliver Lake, Feb. 1997

Going Forth, Fred Simmons, FS 1001, Dec.1994

Drop Squad (Soundtrack), GRP/ MCA, Apr. 1994

Spark, Terumasa Hino

Somethin'Else/Blue Note, Mar. 1994

Jack and Jill, Off Broadway soundtrack, September 1993

Dwight Andrews, Oct. 1992

Compositions 92, Anthony Braxton, Black Saint, Dec.1992 

Twin Peaks II  (Soundtrack), Warner Bros 9-45019-2, Mar. 1992

Guiding Spirit, Kenny Burrell, Contemporary CCD 14058-2, Aug.. 1989  

In Passing, Jerome Harris, Muse MCD 5386, May 1989 

Come Together As One. Will Downing, Island Records, July 1989 

Time Peace, Al MacDowell, Gramavision GR 279450, Apr. 1989

Romance and Revolution James Newton, Blue Note BT 85134, Aug.. 1986

The African Flower, James Newton, Blue Note BT 85109, June 1985

Tangents, Chico Freeman, Elektra Musician 60361-1E, January 1984

Luella, James Newton, Gramavision GR 8205, Sep.ember 1983

Plug It, Oliver Lake, Gramavision GR 8206, Nov. 1982

James Newton Gramavision, GR 8505, Oct. 1982

The Young Lions, Elektra Musician 60196-R, June 1982

BBQ Band, Capitol EMI ST 12155, 1981

Episteme, Anthony Davis, Gramavision GR 8101, June 1981

Bustin' Loose (Soundtrack), Roberta Flack, MCA MCA 5141, Mar. 1981

Amacord Nino Rota, Muhal Richard Abrams, Hannibal 9301, Aug.. 1980

The Search, Chico Freeman, India Navigation IN 1059, June 1980

Peaceful Heart, Gentle Spirit, Chico Freeman, Contemporary 114005, 1980

Candi Staton, Warner Brothers BSK 3428, Dec.1979

No Time Left, Chico Freeman, Black Saint BSR 0036, June 1979

Life's Force, Ahmed Abdullah, About Time AT 1001, May 1979

Gifts, Michael Gregory Jackson, Arista Novus AN 3013, Dec.1979

Song for the Old World, Anthony Davis, India Navigation 1036, July 1978

Kwambe, Gerry Hemingway, Auricle AUR 1, January 1978

Kings of Mali, Chico Freeman, India Navigation IN 1035, September 1977 Soul Translation, Donald Strachan, Triad Concept, May 1975

Communications Network, Clifford Thornton, Third World 12272, Nov. 1973





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